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The heart is the central issue

It's not abortion, gun control, immigration, health care, religious freedom or any other of the myriad of matters facing America today. It's about the heart.

30 things I’ve learned in 2019

More than half of 2019 is over. It has been filled with rich and vibrant memories. And lots of teaching, learning and reflection. And God moments.

Remembering the original Mr. Bailey

I haven't set out to emulate my dad, but I do every day. I don't try to be like him in every situation, but I am. Funny how it happens, but in many ways, I am becoming my dad. And that becomes more obvious to me each day I grow older.

5 profound quotes to set your life clock by

Everyone has a favorite quote, saying or scripture. You need these. I need these. If you don't have these foundational thoughts to help guide you, take some time to identify them. You'll learn that they can be life-changing, or at the very least, life-defining for your purpose and direction in life.

Keeping the Main Thing the Main Thing

The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing. It's not a sin to say "No!" Sometimes, a "good thing" isn't a good thing, especially when it's not your main thing.

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What we think, we become

There’s a debate over who actually said these, but whether it’s Margaret Thatcher or Mahatma Ghandi, they are true nonetheless. […]

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Changing the status quo: Back to the life of simplicity

Busyness is part of life. It’s a part of life that–if we aren’t careful–can destroy happiness. It can deprive us of the beauty around us and cause us to miss out on the truly remarkable things in life. Sometimes it's necessary to stop the car, roll down the windows, and appreciate what is right in front of us.

The Dreamers: Prayers, promises and process

His promise is perfect. God will never lie. Regardless of where you are in relationship to the dream know that God will do what he said. Never despise the process. Allow the process to develop in you a heart that can hold the promise. Keep dreamin’!

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Christmas Eve Gift

For as long as I can remember, my dad and his sisters have raced to be the first to call […]

Rant: The America we live in…

So, this is the #America we live in: We are required to purchase low-grade #healthinsurance that offers substandard benefits in order to avoid a […]

God is at work…

Years ago, someone mentioned this to me. It still rings true today. If you could get a peek behind the […]