The shooting star: God sees you!

Genesis 16:13 From then on, Hagar used another name to refer to the Lord, who had spoken to her. She said, ‘You are the God who sees me.’ It was […]

Changing the status quo: Back to the life of simplicity

Busyness is part of life. It’s a part of life that–if we aren’t careful–can destroy happiness. It can deprive us of the beauty around us and cause us to miss out on the truly remarkable things in life. Sometimes it's necessary to stop the car, roll down the windows, and appreciate what is right in front of us.

Come alive! Go. Do. It.

“Most of us die at 30 and are buried at 80.” I read this the other day and couldn’t help but think about how society slowly kills who we are […]

The Dreamers: Prayers, promises and process

His promise is perfect. God will never lie. Regardless of where you are in relationship to the dream know that God will do what he said. Never despise the process. Allow the process to develop in you a heart that can hold the promise. Keep dreamin’!

“Yes, even the ‘F’ word…”

I’m reminded of a story about a child who attended counseling. The counselor explained to him that counseling was a safe place and he could say whatever he wanted without […]