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Category: Facebookisms

Christmas Eve Gift

For as long as I can remember, my dad and his sisters have raced to be the first to call each other and say: “Christmas Eve Gift!” There’s a tradition […]

Rant: The America we live in…

So, this is the #America we live in: We are required to purchase low-grade #healthinsurance that offers substandard benefits in order to avoid a tax penalty mandated by #Congressmen who are exempt from paying taxes and […]

God is at work…

Years ago, someone mentioned this to me. It still rings true today. If you could get a peek behind the curtain, you’d probably be surprised at all the things God […]

Letter from the middle class…

Dear #Obamacare, I want to send my most sincere thanks this holiday season. I had a reasonable health insurance plan, but due to your incredible foresight, my plan is no longer […]